quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Petyr`s debut album announcement

Petyr - S/T
San Diego`s newest sensation Petyr, a heavy psych band fronted by pro skater Riley Hawk, on guitar and vocals, with Holland Redd on guitar, Nick McDonnell on drums, and Luke Devigny on bass is gearing up to release their self-titled debut album via Outer Battery on May 19 and will be available on turquoise vinyl, CD and digital.

Petyr - S/T:
  1. Texas Igloo
  2. Middle Room
  3. Stairway to Attic
  4. Satori III
  5. Old and Creepy
  6. Kraft
  7. Three to Five
  8. Vambo/Buffalo Stampede

quinta-feira, 20 de abril de 2017

Harsh Toke + Joy @ Cave 45, Porto

About a week ago I went to Porto, on a much expected and needed road trip, to catch two of the most recent San Diego`s flag bearers on their exclusive show in the country. On the road to Roadburn and spreading the California Haze through the old continent, Joy and Harsh Toke joined forces for a loud & epic sesh at Cave 45, Porto.

Opening up the night with their trippy psychedelic blues, the power trio Joy didn´t take long to warm things up... For the first time in Europe, the band took us Under the Spell right away with a well oriented rhythmic section and a guitar dripping acid delta blues leaving us no choice but to Ride Along!

With a wild and incendiary performance the band took us cruising down So Cal, burning up asphalt on imaginary choppers loaded with a potent mix of psychedelic infused blues. The energy of the band live is electrifying with the songs coming at you at full speed one after another... a raw discharge of freedom rock without filters or restrains. Reaching the destination after a requested encore by the crowd, I got off quite greased up for the headliners.

Harsh Toke

The temperature was rising and so was the THC levels in the room, the beer was flowing like a river and everybody was ready for the return of Harsh Toke after their first european tour back in 2015. Accompanied this time by Nick McDonnell (from Petyr) on drums, the heavy psych quartet delivered the finest San Diego jams filled with the gnarly riffs, thick grooves and freak out solos that we all were expecting.

Sounding great and shredding heavier then ever, the experience gotten from the road is noticeable by how consistently the band is on stage and organic the show is... there´s never a dull moment and the dudes are always rippin! Between old classics and fresh jams; unreleased material or Roky Erickson covers, we got smoked! Faces were melted and minds were blown after a 2 hour blistering haze...
Half deaf and completely baked the only thing left to do is to grab a vinyl and stroll back to the motel with a huge fuckin smile on my face.

More pics from the show by my brother in arms Rodriguez, down bellow this video of the band playing at Roadburn.

Happy 4/20 & Welcome to Hazy Nebula

Happy 4/20

Welcome to Hazy Nebula fellow space travellers!