quarta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2018


Completing 20 years of existence, legendary heavy psych act Dead Meadow are back with a new album titled The Nothing They Need, recorded in the band's studio/rehearsal space, The Wiggle Room, scheduled for release on March 3th via Xemu Records. The band formed in and around Washington, D.C.’s punk/hardcore scene that combined their influences from the psychedelic 60´s with the heavy 70´s to create their unique trademark sound, reunited with all the past members to create a great celebratory piece and mark this important milestone on the band's career.

We are welcomed to the party with the words “Open the door, open the way... open the gate!” from the first track and single released earlier "Keep Your Head" deeply inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead... what follows next are 40 minutes of blissful and soothing bluesy psychedelia with warmful guitar tones, scintillating drums, muddy deep lines from the low end and shiny clean vocals in perfect harmony. Maybe not as electrifying or “dirty” as they were in the early days but definitely classic D.M. material nonetheless, featuring the well known dreamy layers with smooth variations and hazy ambiances once again with stellar guitar work by the virtuoso Jason Simon, who keeps on delivering intoxicating riffs and enrapturing solos laced with the gnarly fuzz or wah-wah that melts you inside and makes your mind snuggle comfortably. There´s kind of a gloomy feeling hovering around the music not only by the instruments, with predominant dark tones, but also by the lyrics, heavily influenced by the growing inflammatory rhetoric and negative energy rising in the country for quite some time now... and who can blame them?

Perhaps my favorite album since their debut, this great record is a beautiful and magic celebration of the band´s legacy of two decades deep-seated in the heavy psych scene! Appreciate it and lets hope for another 20 years of more wonderful jams like these...

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