sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2018


The much awaited return of Colour Haze to Portugal is finally upon us so we start our pilgrimage to Porto to experience once again this transcendental live ritual. The majestic Hard Club was the venue chosen to receive all brothers and sisters in peace, congregating for this memorable love fest with the great support of Portuguese psych rockers Jesus The Snake and German folk creatures Tau.

With the always difficult task of opening the ceremony, Jesus the Snake rose to the occasion and showed why they are one of the most promising bands in the country at the moment. Presenting their ambitious debut EP, self-released by the band digitally last year, the quartet from Vizela offered an evolving and captivating performance with their warm psychedelic rock tainted with vintage acid drops. Dreamy guitar riffs floating around wonderful instrumentals provided by a gifted rhythmic section and wild progressive keyboards made us all, already there, feel welcomed and comfortable as the people still getting in, were greeted by the inviting classic 70´s vibe & dust of the group with a colorful and vibrant show.

The house is half packed when Tau came to the stage, changing completely the atmosphere of the place but keeping the fun going with a quite hypnotic gig. The experimental band from Berlin, has so many different influences that is hard to describe their sound other than heavy world music. With an entrancing performance filled with all kind of weird instruments and sounds, they certainly took this ride to the next level. Primal percussions, repetitive vocals and a ripping acoustic guitar are blasting in a unearthly freak ritual right when the insanely powerful weed smoked moments before begins to kick in and take hold... with THC levels that at times well exceed 25%, the Royal Gorilla squeegeed my third eye squeaky clean, leaving me no other option but to embrace this strange music and chase the magic dragon through folk tales and bizarre rhythms.


But if few people were expecting this sonic extravaganza, clearly no one was prepared for the draining psych marathon that would follow when the headliners Colour Haze took the stage. The veteran power trio from Munich returned to Portugal, after a mesmerizing appearance at SonicBlast last year, now joined by Jan Fassbender on keyboards. As soon as the first chords of "She Said" came up, the crowd now filling up the room, went wild and quickly surrender to a flawless 2 hour set by the magnificent group. In perfect harmony, the quartet went through classics from "Aquamaria" to "Tempel" and fresh material such as "Skydancer I-II" or "Überall" painting gorgeous soundscapes that combined with the spellbinding light show created the utmost magical experience. Stefan Koglek, the guitar virtuoso and maestro of the band, conducted perfectly this psychedelic ensemble as drummer Manfred Merwald and bassist Philipp Rasthofer, one of the tightest rhythmic sections on the scene, laid out the beautiful compositions now adorned with the celestial keyboards giving the songs more depth and smoothing even further their transitions. Like a nuclear reactor melting to its core, the cosmic radiation coming from the stage was so powerful that I was sweating profusely and was forced to go upstairs, where on my knees and drooling, I watched the stellar performance culminate with the quintessential encore that brought us "House Of Rushammon" and "Love" to the ecstatic fans who reciprocate in the end with a well deserved long ovation.
Pointless for me go any further trying to describe such an epic concert as words fail to do it any justice. Colour Haze live is something that everybody should witness as much as they can since it´s such a life changing experience... and in a world dominated by hate we sure could use a few more bands like this spreading the love around! 
Special thanks to the production team Garboyl Lives for allowing us to cover and report this unforgettable event. ❤️ Brothers & Sisters

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