terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2018


Art by Chelsea Meatchem

From the increasingly prolific Australian music scene comes our next sonic odyssey with the second album by the three piece heavy psych blues band Cosmos, based in Melbourne. Titled Coming Home and released on the hazy day of April 20, is a fine example of the many rad music coming from down under. With the perfect blend of heavy psychedelia and blues, or PsycheDelta as I like to call it, the aussie power trio continues their musical exploration with a masterpiece of cosmic proportions, as warm compositions and fluid songwriting with stellar guitar work supported by an exalted rhythm section and superb vocals expressing the most exquisite kind of agony and anger explode in the vast galactic sky.

The band (officially) formed in 2015, that has since then matured as a group and taken a more solid approach to their sound, came up with a concept for this record of “a being coming back home, but not to Earth” and hence the chosen title. That´s also the track, after a noisy intro of weird field recordings, that sets the tone and launches this kaleidoscopic ride as the band slowly build their bluesy songs until they detonate into fully fledged psychedelic jams. The chemistry and wonderful musicianship here are of an almost other-worldly beauty, as the fuzzed-out guitar licks, fed by a galloping drum kit and pulsating bass lines paired with the strident vocals continuously bounce between different moods and tempos, from the classic blues of Albert King or Muddy Waters to more contemporary acts such as The Black Angels or The Flying Eyes. This record has soul like a few have, melodic mellow grooves and wild dirty sections so good and addictive that even the smooth and chilled out interlude “Wanderings” will be stuck in your head for days to come.

One of the most solid releases of the year that will definitely put this band on the map as a powerful bluesy trio with tremendous potential and set the bar high for their next album... which is already in the works!

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