quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2018


It´s T minus 30 seconds and counting when Jack King, Kennedy Space Center's Chief of Public Information, starts the countdown for Apollo 11 launch back in 1969 and the intro to the opening track “Viajero”. Almost 50 years later we see an event as spectacular as that spaceflight, with the release of the latest album by heavy psych trio La Iglesia Atomica based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The band formed in 1990, which can be considered a pioneer of the stoner rock scene alongside Kyuss, Fu Manchu or Nebula, seems now stronger than ever after a long hiatus and new group formation. “Feels good” reported Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin a few moments before their launch... “feels really fucking good” reports now this cosmonaut upon listening this amazing record several times!

Titled Gran Muro de Coma and released by
South American Sludge Records about a month ago, it´s a concept album, described by the group as a sonic interpretation of the interstellar journey of the Voyager 1, a space probe launched in 77 part of the Voyager program to study the outer Solar System being by now the farthest spacecraft and man-made object from Earth, until its arrival at the Great Wall of Coma, an immense galaxy filament believed to be one of the largest known superstructures in the observable universe, and presenting itself before it as a Son of the Sun, just as humans call the star of the planetary system where they live. 
But enough with the geek stuff... this stellar record, simply put, is a mesmerizing odyssey into deep space (rock). Marvelous psychedelic symphony completely improvised and recorded live in studio, with the palpable overwhelming chemistry and musicianship of this cosmic power trio. Four slabs of trippy instrumental psychedelia, that will set you in for a hell of a ride through other-worldly guitar solos floating around heavy gravitational fields layered by the hypnotic rhythm section with additional keyboards and samples here and there.
So good, that this as quickly become one of my favorites releases of the year so far!

Recommended that is “best listened on hallucinogens”... trust me on this though, powerful jams such as these have the ability to alter even sober minds!

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