domingo, 20 de maio de 2018


Coming in hot after bombing several listing tops of last year with their amazing S/T debut, heavy psych quartet Petyr fronted by pro skater Riley Hawk and based in Oceanside, California, are ready to do it all again with their latest LP titled Smolyk. In a clear nod to 90´s street legend Peter Smolik, the band returns with a freshly baked set of full blown hard psych jams filled with grinding solos, Tre Flip riffs and gnarly acid drops in another thrasher release by Outer Battery Records, already available on digital platforms with the cd and vinyl including a limited edition on a multi color blend power sliding on June 1st.

Fresh off an Australian tour and Roadburn´s San Diego Take Over, the stoned out foursome deliver another wild ride through fuzzy guitar riffs & solos with a crushing and stomping rhythmic section in an intoxicating 70´s haze blaze. Sticking up to their working formula but with a more punkish attitude and approach, the new record leans more to the heavy sounds then the predominant psychedelia infused debut, as the jams get faster, dirtier and gnar. Wailing guitar solos and electrifying riffs shredding over a high-powered drum kit accompanied by ripping bass lines, feed of each other to carve a classic set of skate rock anthems. The jams, now with a darker and doomy atmosphere, constantly bounce between different feels and tempos, as the rad grooves gain speed and memento allowing them to perform their insane bag of tricks so steezy.

For lovers of the So Cal scene in particular and skateboarding culture in general, here´s a banger that will turn these cats from Ams to Pros on the highly competitive San Diego Heavy Psych team.

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